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Being a dentist is one of the greatest jobs in the US, but it’s up to you as the dentist and practice owner to make sure that you schedule your work in a way that brings you joy, time, and money. Lead practice coach Christina Byrne is here to share six steps to creating a schedule that fits your work into your life and not the other way around. Proper scheduling can make everyone happier and more productive in the right ways. 

Are you struggling with bad discount plans, low rates of acceptance from uninsured patients, or dealing with dental insurance that just isn’t good for you or your patients? These are common problems that many practices face. Especially, those just starting out and existing practices in this ever changing landscape. I have an expert today that has a solution for these problems and more. 

Dave Monahan is the CEO of Kleer a dental membership platform that makes it easy for practices to create their own customized membership plans for their patients. The platform supplies the tools and resources needed to run things smoothly, stay in compliance, monitor data, and get support. Dave shares why a membership plan is a no-brainer for any practice. He shares benefits for the office, dentist, and patients. He also shares some of the pitfalls and how Kleer can help overcome these. 

Show Notes

[02:13] Dave is the CEO of Kleer. He launched it publicly in 2018. Kleer makes it easier for patients to get access to dental care and makes it possible for dentists to interact with patients through a plan that they control as opposed to a third party being in control.

[02:49] They’ve worked with over a thousand dental practices and have tremendous research.

[03:20]  A membership plan is controlled by the dentist as far as plan design and plan price. It’s customized on what makes sense for your individual practice.

[04:11] A membership plan makes it really easy for patients to get access to care. It’s simple and direct and works for your practice and your patients. 

[04:58] Insured patients come into the dentist on average of 1.4 to 1.5 times a year. Uninsured patients come in about .5 times a year, and they accept about half the amount of treatment that insured patients accept. 

[05:43] They stay away, because they are afraid of the costs. 

[07:35] One of the stumbling blocks of forming a membership plan is not having the proper statistics and tracking. The paperwork can also be an issue. A poorly designed plan is also a problem.

[11:44] If you had 500 patients at $30 a month that’s $15,000 a month in revenue. That’s like having 500 fee-for-service patients.

[12:35] There are a lot of compliance issues also. 

[12:52] Discount plans consist of a third party creating pricing and collecting a fee. They need to be regulated relative of discount medical plans.

[13:24] A membership plan is where you collect the fee directly from the patient, there’s a separate set of laws. You have to follow state insurance and dental laws. There’s also federal and consumer protection laws.

[14:08] This cuts out the middleman and creates a plan where the patients go to you as their dentist. This is a great fit for autonomy and the future of your practice.

[15:02] You being in charge also creates a much better patient experience.

[16:34] When someone signs up for your plan, you have to give them a plan document. Renewal notifications have to be 45 days in advance. Having a system that takes care of everything for you makes it so you don’t even have to think about it.

[18:28] Best practices include assigning someone to manage the practice membership, also measure what’s going on, and have a goal. 

[19:43] Kleer can help support everything for your design process. They also send you materials and have a portal with stats. They have a dedicated support team too.

[20:57] It takes time to get everyone in the office on board. People have to buy in to the value and understand what happens when people join the plan. 

[22:06] People who buy a subscription will come in more often and accept more treatment because of the discounts. You will see ROI of the program over time. 

[23:09] A membership benefit is additional savings.

[23:51] Set goals and treat your office when that goal is met. 

[27:22] It’s important to your team, because they care about their patients and want to help them. Dentists care because it eliminates the middleman. 

[30:37] Your plan can be customized for YOUR PATIENTS in your practice. Practices can also add specials to the plan and offer discounts with specialists like orthodontists. 

[36:16] Little touches mean a lot and makes patients feel good. 

[37:04] Kleer offers support for when the patients call. It’s up to the practice how they want to setup the support procedure.

[40:09] Get the word out, but don’t sound like your trying to sell.

[40:49] Many practices are getting rid of discount plans and offering membership plans. They are also dropping the worst insurance plans over time. 

[42:11] The membership plans are always a better deal.

[44:14] Kleer also makes sure everything is in compliance. They have three law firms for setting up and monitoring what they are doing. There are many laws to be in compliance with. 


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