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We hear a lot about the burden of healthcare debt, but not much about the burden of dental debt. Dental practices across the country are seeing lower case acceptance rates because of financials. If the mouth is the gateway to the body, patients who aren’t caring for their mouth will see a decline in their health. While medical billing recognizes this connection, dentistry is still catching up.

As dental professionals, we need to help our patients understand that dental care is also a medical necessity. We often let patients control the amount they pay. Patients argue a bill by saying, “But I’ve been a patient here forever!”  Do these patients say the same thing when offered a strep test at a medical office? No, because they understand the test is a medical necessity. With medical billing, dentists can help maximize the patient’s medical benefits while increasing case acceptance rates.

If you’re thinking about how to drive your practice forward with medical billing, it’s important to start small. Building a solid foundation and achieving little victories will help your team grow confidence while better helping your patients.

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