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Episode #119 – The New Frontier in Dentistry with Dr. DeWitt WilkersonTreatment Planning

Episode #119 - The New Frontier in Dentistry with Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson



Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson is here to talk about the new frontier in dentistry. This is one of the most exciting times to be a dentist, the future is looking bright for so many reasons. One of those reasons is how dentistry is evolving into the forefront of total healthcare for patients. Dentists spend longer periods of time with their patients than MDs and build ongoing relationships.

Dr. Wilkerson is on the forefront of this exciting dental revolution with his super popular Dawson Academy CE classes. We talk about how dentistry has shifted to focus on things that affect total health like airway health, prevention of inflammation, and pathogens from gum disease that can get into the bloodstream and create future problems.


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Show Notes

[01:47] Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson has been working in the practice of Peter Dawson since 1982. He has seen the Dawson academy evolve from three seminars to many seminars and hands-on courses and classes all over the world.
[03:17] How this is such an exciting time to be a dentistry, and how dentistry is going to be the leader in medical healthcare.
[03:42] How dentists spend so much more time being with patients than regular medical doctors and how it’s an amazing opportunity for dentistry to aid in medical care.
[05:57] How there’s a relaxing of the cosmetic revolution. The one thing that people are interested in in this country is help. People want to be healthy.

[06:48] We have a health care crisis, but it is a solvable one.

[07:10] Solving the healthcare crisis. Rationing healthcare or we could get rational and take personal responsibility for our own health. All of the answers are available.

[07:46] It’s exciting to see dentistry related to the subjects of overall health in relation to what we do.

[08:03] The airway symposiums have been selling out.

[09:10] How dentistry has been making oral appliances in place of CPAP machines.

[09:54] How airway inbreeding is not a sleep problem but a 24 hour a day problem.

[10:07] Many children are born with airway problems.

[11:58] How esophageal cancer is the strongest growing cancer in the United States and there is a strong correlation with acid reflux.

[12:40] A common reason for acid reflux is a blockage in airway.

[13:00] Breathing in airway is critical for oral health and total health. Dentists can be on the front line to identify these problems.

[14:00] There is a change in the human skull and arches. Breastfeeding grows the maxilla. This can cause children struggle to breath and can also lead to asthma.

[18:21] How the orthodontist is going to play a much larger role than just occlusion and straightening teeth.

[18:34] There are orthodontist around the world identifying themselves as airway orthodontists. If the airway isn’t open we need to understand why. We will also work closer with ENTs.

[20:02] When the box for the time is too small the tongue gets driven towards the back of the throat.

[21:07] The first phase for top restorative dentist is going to be expanding the dental arches to help encourage normal breathing.

[23:09] Integrative dental medicine or how it all fits together. Infection and inflammation. We also look at nutrition. Airway and breathing.

[31:51] Reversing airway problems by opening the upper airway. These solutions are coming right into the hands of dentistry in teaming up with medical colleagues.

[32:56] Airway is one of the hottest things in CE right now.

[33:33] Oral bacteria and cardiovascular disease. There is strong evidence that oral pathogens can get into the bloodstream and lead to problems.

[34:10] How cooling down inflammation can actually prevent having a heart attack.

[35:33] How dentists are no longer the stepchild of MDs. Go to an osteopath.

[37:56] 90% of people with diabetes can reduce it by eating healthy, sleeping, and exercising.

[38:43] Just taking prescription drugs to manage your problem without lifestyle changes your conditions will get worse.

[40:49] People in our profession want to see that they are part of something bigger that is growing and moving forward.

[42:41] Complete health is the direction that dentistry is heading.

[43:26] TMD and occlusion is the third leg of dentistry.


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