A Better Life Creates a Better PracticeBALANCE WORK AND LIFE SO LIFE WINS

When I graduated from dental school I had a plan in mind. I was excited about it. Then I realized – there’s no way this is going to work. All of my dreams, all my plans came crashing down. It was a really hard time in my life. ACT was crucial to me. I ended up making it back. With ACT, it all paid off and life simply could not be any better.

You envisioned something better. Let’s create it.

Many dentists we work with respond to thoughts about “work-life-balance” with some serious eye rolling. Hey we get it – being a dentist and building a thriving dental practice is demanding work. But somewhere along the way we think the plot got lost – all those years of studying, all the late night, extra hours and all the debt just so you could, well, be this overwhelmed and miserable?

We’re here to help.

At ACT Dental Coaching, we help dentists build more efficient systems, achieve paths to profitability, and cultivate high performance teams – all critical elements to creating a better practice.

But we don’t actually start there.

We start with helping you, the dentist, imagine a life where you have more time with family, more opportunities to relax and recharge, more space for daydreaming.

Student and practice debt

Long, thankless hours

Fear of litigation


Dentistry is your job, not your identity. Dentistry should give you joy and help you make a living.



For many of us, work and life are opposite sides of the same coin, yet most of us treat them with distinction. Learn new communication skills to build your support team.


Most dentists we work with have families with children. Your time with them is precious – and limited. We’ll help you refocus your time and energy in the best ways, to achieve the best outcomes.


It’s ingrained in most dentists that the patient comes first. This establishes a mindset, attitude and behaviors that de-value others in your life. At ACT Dental, you come first. Then your team. When your priorities are straight, patient care actually improves – as does your enthusiasm for dentistry.

The Secret: Build A Better Dentist.

At ACT Dental Coaching, in over 25 years of helping more than 200 practices, we’ve found that the way to build a better practice is by working backwards from building a better dentist. We help dentists like you live out a more fulfilling, enjoyable life in dentistry. It starts like most great things do – with a conversation. Let’s talk about your life, your work, and how ACT might help you find better balance.