Improving your practice for the way you want to practice.WHY ACT DENTAL PRACTICE COACHING

I love my ACT Dental Coach. She knows when to rein me and she knows when to look out for me. She’s been my rock through guiding me to my vision. I went through a lot with ACT, with a lot of employee turnover in a positive way, in order to grow. I have an absolutely amazing team now.

It’s your plan, not ours.

Let’s face it, there are many, many choices for dental consulting. What’s a consultant? They help practices develop and organize systems. While their strategies can ultimately boost production and profits, too many times we hear dentists say their plan just didn’t work for us.

That’s because it was their plan, not yours!

ACT Dental Practice Coaching is different. We’re not consultants. We don’t tell you what to do, we help you uncover where you want to go, what’s holding you back, and how a customized game plan will help you get there.

We’ll help design your own playbook, with detailed solutions that work specifically for the way you want to practice.


Practice and life transformation with guidance from our expert coaches and community.


Dentistry’s #1 Think Tank, helping dentists think smarter, contemplate business strategy, and grow as a leader.


Step-by-step online video training with powerful instruction, resources, support and guidance.

Which path is right for you? Let’s talk it over.

Transformative Results

We’ve watched the transformation to a better practice and better life in hundreds of ACT clients. Often their coaching journeys bring greater victories than they’d even anticipated. Whether it’s greater financial return, the ability to practice less while producing more, or simply freedom from all the worry, the results often spell out a more gratifying, less stressful life away from the practice. The outcome of partnering with ACT is the realization of your potential.

The first thing any of these amazing outcomes have in common is a willingness to start – and we make that easy. A simple conversation helps us know more about you and how we can help.