Control your time and energy to be patient and profit focusedDENTAL PRACTICE TIME AND SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT

I had a decline in the amount of stress. I was able to go on Christmas break without thinking about what’s going to happen. I’ve been able to plan for the unexpected and take more time for my family. ACT isn’t going to change their practice, they’ll change your life.


The heart of your dentistry beats around scheduling

Appointment scheduling, meeting scheduling, even the hours you’re available. At ACT Dental Coaching, we’ve seen the most successful practices take command of these aspects.

Quality Vs Quantity

The experience you deliver to patients, not expanded hours, is what will ultimately lead to higher profitability.

It Takes A Team

Value is driven and delivered holistically, throughout your entire team. This involves skills, behaviors and habits that have to be developed and practiced.

Communication Is Key

From offering patients choices that still fit into your schedule to managing cancellations and appointment changes, the right communication skills can transform opportunities from lost to saved or gained.

You don’t need more hours in the day, just new ways to better manage the hours you want to work.

Systems should run your practice. Not people, and not patients.

The best practices are run with predictable, simple processes that everybody on your team can understand and practice. Your patients will benefit from easy options that don’t present confusion or even too much choice. At ACT Dental, we help practices like yours assess your existing time and management practices and develop new strategies that focus on success and – most importantly – well-being. Let’s start with an easy, zero hassle conversation about the unique time and scheduling you’re facing.