Live Workshops

One of the best parts of joining the ACT Dental family is that we’re just that –a family. We learn best from each other. We host live events for the dentist and the whole team. Our events challenge you to think smarter, contemplate business strategy, and grow as a person and leader. By joining our events, you’ll join a network of dentists and teams equally committed to taking their practice to the next level.

ACT Dental workshop Logos - V2

There are so many areas of the entire dental practice being impacted by the Administrative Team. This course will provide you with the tools to consistently achieve success every day!

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Increase case acceptance through enhanced verbal skills and proven techniques for more confidence when communicating with your patient and much more!..

The Five Behavior - A Leader’s Playbook to Maximizing Team Performance - A4 Format

A must attend workshop for leaders, dentists, and owners interested in the critical behaviors necessary to win more.


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It’s easy to see why so many dentists are consumed with doubt, spending their days worrying about filling the schedule, sleepless nights wondering if they’ll have enough left over to pay themselves, finding themselves a referee in the “game” of team drama! It’s time to say enough is enough and feel the reward of owning a GREAT dental practice!

ACT Dental workshop - Dentists - Functional Esthetics in a Digital World

Guest Instructor: Dr. John Cranham, Clinical Director of the Dawson Academy.

Is the stone age of dentistry finally dead? Has digital dentistry finally moved to the point that we can actually do things more accurately, efficiently, and predictably?


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