Don’t just get more dental patients. Get better dental patients.ATTRACTING DENTAL PATIENTS

The right patients help your practice grow and thrive

New dental patients are critical to your practice’s success, and so is regular, recurring dental care for your existing patients. ACT Dental Coaching can help you define and understand your ideal patient, develop processes to optimize new patient acquisition, and craft strategies for sustainable, predictable growth.


Who is your ideal patient? Why? Defining these attributes helps you target the right patient with the right messaging and offerings.


Uncover new behaviors and habits to transform how new patients are finding and arriving into your practice from the first phone call through the initial visit.


Build better review and referral processes, manage obstacles, and optimize schedules for consistently responsive patients.

Build an Engine for More Dental Patients

At ACT Dental, we know how essential the right systems and processes are to improving your practice’s ability to get more, better patients. This goes beyond interesting ideas or a passionate leader – everybody in your practice needs to know the right switches to flip and levers to pull to consistently achieve success. Let’s talk about your practice’s unique needs and explore new solutions together.