Stop working longer hours.

I left a practice of 16 years at 52 years old and started a brand new life. I bought an existing practice and spent a lot of money. I didn’t know if I could do it. With ACT coming in and helping me realize who I am and what I can do, I’m saving for retirement, building 3 new operatories and increasing production 80%. Life is good.

Get off the hamster wheel.

There’s a dangerous trend in dentistry today. An insidious thief of your present and even of your future. The trend is this: in order to get more patients in, you’ve gotta be open later hours, when more patients are available.

Hey, seems to make sense – stay open until 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening and you’ll probably fill those appointment hours. The trade off is you’ll be attracting patients who probably can’t help your practice grow.

At ACT Dental, we won’t guide you down a road you can’t sustain. In fact, we’ll work with you on strategies to create a great practice that provides high-quality dentistry and helps you achieve a better life. We’ll teach you how to avoid trading a great patient experience for just more convenience, and how to work smarter with your time.


Start by developing a solid understanding of what you want out of dentistry, and reverse-engineer your ideal practice from those goals.


The less complicated your procedures, systems, and even hours, then more focused you, your team, and your communication and care to patients can become.


When you know your numbers, you know what numbers to improve. Just like you wouldn’t operate on a patient without data, you can’t operationalize your practice without understanding the nuances of running your business.


With the right key performance indicators, you’ll know the right things in your practice to measure and hold yourself and others accountable to. It’s easier to hit a target when you know just where it is.

Profit Potential

At ACT Dental, we help practices like yours improve profitability with better systems, behaviors, habits and strategies. The first best step to improving profitability? Let’s talk. An easy, zero hassle one-on-one can help you chart a new path to a more profitable practice.

As a dentist, you can’t get lucky and find a breakaway team. You have to build it. ACT Dental can show you the way.

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