ACT Dental Coaching


Coaching vs. Consulting

The ACT Difference

Let’s face it, there are many, many choices for dental consulting. Good consultants help practices develop and organize systems. While their strategies can ultimately boost production and profits, too many times we hear dentists say, “Their plan just didn’t work for us.”

That’s because it was their plan, not yours! That’s also the difference between consulting and coaching, and what sets ACT Dental Practice Coaching apart.  We know your success can’t be achieved with someone else’s game plan. We’ll help design your own playbook, with detailed solutions that work specifically for the way you want to practice.


Your Game Plan

As coaches, we analyze the data and key performance indicators necessary to keep the practice healthy. We’ll put that report together the very first time we visit your office.  We’ll study your financials, case acceptance strategies and every system that contributes to overall efficiency.  From there we’ll identify the potential in each team member, from leadership on down. We’ll help you capitalize on their individual strengths, empowering every player to take ownership of their contributions toward the collective goal. Imagine everyone working toward the same vision….That’s when you’re going to feel real progress!


The Winning Results

We’ve watched the transformation in hundreds of ACT Clients. Often their coaching journeys bring greater victories than they’d even anticipated (You can hear from a few of them below).. Whether it’s greater financial return, the ability to  practice less while producing more, or simply freedom from all the worry…The results often spell out a more gratifying, less stressful life away from the practice. That is the true difference when you partner with ACT: The realization of both a better practice, and a better life.

Dr. Eric Callejo

Kettering, OH

Dr. Ken Allen

Fort Collins, CO

Dr. Barrett Straub

Port Washington, WI

Dr. Scott Andler

Madison, WI

Drs. Brett Levine & Jen Derse

Denver, CO

Dr. Chris Leiszler

Baldwin City, MO