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ACT Dental is always looking for talented people to become team members. We realize that productive people and happy people are always a good addition to our family.. If you are looking for an awesome challenge, and a really fun place to work, in a company that’s growing like crazy….then we would love to hear from you.  Candidates can look forward to regular client contact (our clients are amazing), event management and workflow execution critical to support the standards of our core value of exceptional service.

Position Summary:

This position is hard to put a label on…So we will describe the attributes first.

We are on a quest for a kind, driven, curious, and seeker of collaboration. A self-starter (and we mean this!) and all around fun person to be on our coaching team. This person must think big picture and also be able to focus on details – down to the dollars and cents. Must be a leader, learner, and supporter that comes with a ‘get it done’ attitude! If you’re thinking this sounds magical – you’re right, it is! We aren’t just looking for anyone. We are looking for a uniquely suited person to join our already awesome ACT Coaching Team. Are you a Unicorn?

This role requires weekly travel through all Continental USA time zones. As a moderately independent role you will need to be ‘quick on your feet’ with decisions, multi-tasking and excellent with time management.

If this is you, please follow these 3 steps. 1) Please record and submit a quick 1-2 minute video. Share an introduction of you and the 3 top attributes that fit this coaching role. 2) Click here to help us learn more about you. 3) Submit your cover letter, resume and video to

Department: Coaching/Consulting Team
Project Location(s): Anywhere
Education: College Education
Compensation: Based on Experience

The following is an ongoing list of the day to day responsibilities of an ACT Dental Coach:

  1. Maintain active coaching engagement with clients utilizing tools, resources, and coaching skills to improve practice performance and program outcomes.
  2. Travel to clients’ practices to facilitate team meetings and progress visits  – ongoing and weekly. Average coach travels 50-60% of a work week.
  3. Support daily coaching calls by managing, leading, and organizing multiple different doctors’ objectives and outcomes. This is a dynamic and fluid role, no two days in coaching are the same.
  4. Support, develop, and write ACT Dental coaching materials, when requested.
  5. Utilize an online analytics platform for dental practice performance coaching.
  6. Maintain client notes, reports, CE letters, spreadsheet updates, and email follow-ups.
  7. Engage with, and actively participate in coaching development. We coach each other up.
  8. Actively enroll, engage, and participate in CE, learning, reading, and any other resources that foster one of our core values – Always be Growing.
  9. Craft and present keynotes and presentations for the ACT Community during divisional events, where your presence is requested.
  10. Manage schedule for all travel-related items and submit expenses monthly for reimbursement.
  11. Work within the ACT Team as a highly curious, collaborative, and engaging team member. We share so we all grow. We ask so we all can know. No matter what – we ask questions and practice not being ‘already in the know.’ This is critical to a coach’s success.
  12. Understand that clients cannot simply ‘like you’ they must  ‘love you.. A coach’s role requires that we create Raving Fans. We won’t accept less.
  13. Enroll / maintain clients into ACT services. Retention in our coaching program with our clients is critical.
  14. Embrace ACT Dental’s core values through your daily work.


  • Facilitative and Leadership skills; coaching experience a plus
  • Dental field experience required
  • Must understand and foster environment where collaboration, community, hospitality, service and results drive your daily decisions
  • Excellent knowledge of computers and applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, gmail and Google Drive.
  • Prioritizing and multitasking skills, as well as excellent oral and written communication skills.  Ability to respond to requests with sense of urgency and take initiative as needed.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
  • Self-motivated individual that has the ability to work both autonomously and in a team environment.
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“Hands down the best dental coaching team and seminar on the planet. Absolutely hilarious, entertaining, and engaging with practical application of action items to begin implementing on Monday morning. My team and I are fired up and looking forward to more ACT dental events.”

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Dr. Hal Rider
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