Surround Yourself with the Best People

Having the best people in the office isn’t just a 10 for your office; it’s a 12. When you have the right person on your team, that person can change your life immediately.

How transformative is the right chairside assistant for your work as a dentist? She can change your life in a minute. An awesome chairside assistant will turn to you and say, “Get out of here. I’ve got this. Go do something else.” And you might be tempted to turn to her and say, “Where have you been all my life?!”

Having the right administrative person at the front desk can change the financial landscape of your entire life in just 30 days. She’ll come into your office, take one look and say, “This is ridiculous. These people don’t pay? Not anymore. They’re going to pay and they’re going to show up. By the way, your fees are going up too. Now get back there and do some dentistry.” Who wouldn’t want that person in the office to whip you all into shape and let you focus on your work?


I heard this awesome story from one team member who told me, “I raised this fee six months ago and the dentist has no idea!” I asked her, “When are you going to tell him?” She answered, “Never! He would freak out if he knew what he was charging right now.” She is looking out for the practice’s best interests, and letting the dentist focus on what he does best.

People who are good at their jobs and know their role will allow you to focus on your responsibilities. They’ll tell you, “Doc, I can take it from here.” Surrounding yourself with the best people will not only make you a better dentist, but also a better person.

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