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One of the biggest problems in any business is recognizing what the real problem is. Many entrepreneurs and dentists think that the people around them are the problem. What if it’s actually the leader who is the biggest problem in the business?

It’s common for us to brag about how busy we are. We’re all very busy, all the time. As an entrepreneur, a go-getter attitude is what’s gotten you this far today. You’ve worked hard to make it to this point, so of course you want to stay busy. You take on every task yourself to ensure it’s done properly – even when it’s another someone else’s responsibility.

Sometimes being a “doer” is actually getting in the way of your success. You’ve hired team members because they’re great at accomplishing certain tasks. If you try to do their work for them, you become not only a problem for them but also a problem for your business. You think you’re a go-getter, but your team members are likely calling it something else behind your back.

If you’re guilty of acting like this, or have someone in your office who is, here’s a reminder: stay in your circle. Everyone in the business has his or her own circle, an area of expertise and responsibility. This circle is sacred. Do not enter someone’s circle unless you’re asked.

There’s a shortcut for reminding someone to stay in their circle: simply make a circle with your hands. Establish throughout the office that this is now the universal signal for telling someone, “You go do what you’re good at and let me do what I’m good at.” Try it out in your office this week! It beats some other hand signals you could use…

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