Here’s a secret for running a successful practice: you don’t have to do it alone

When you were in dental school, you thought dentistry was going to be all about fixing teeth and helping patients. You started your practice ready to restore crowns and crush periodontal disease, arriving home with plenty of time to spare before dinner.

Then you realized running a dental practice is more than dentistry – a lot more. There’s the billing… and the scheduling… and the record keeping… Oh and you need to talk to the landlord about that repair. Also how does your marketing budget look?

So, you hire a team of people to help you with handle these responsibilities. Problem solved, right? No, because the more people you hire, the more time you spend managing them. You end up feeling even more overloaded, and your days are more about managing a business than helping your patients. It’s eating you alive and you don’t know how to fix it.

But here’s a secret: you don’t have to fix it alone.

Just like a quarterback needs an equally great coach for everything to run smoothly, you will benefit from having a great coach to help you run your practice. Coaches help you create strong systems that will keep your practice running smoothly and let you and your team focus on what’s important. The best in the biz like Tom Brady understand the value of a great coach, so why not get one for your practice? You already know your coach will be friendlier than Bill Belichick (because who isn’t?).

With the help of your coach, you can ensure your practice runs smoothly. A coach will help you focus on why you got into dentistry in the first place and allow you to make time for the things that really matter.

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