Are team members missing them? Are you missing them altogether? 

It’s the key to an organized, productive day. Unfortunately, a daily huddle is also an achilles heel for many dental practices. 

One dentist recently asked us:

 “Huddles are important, but what happens when team members can’t get there at the same time?”

ACT Lead Coach Angela Heathman knows both the value and struggles daily huddles present. The above video includes strategies she uses with practices, making sure the entire team stays engaged. 

One key is including the huddle in hiring conversations. Can the candidate(s) make it to huddles and team meetings? If personal schedules keep them from regular attendance, this could become a burden for everyone.

For your existing team members, you might consider the “huddle buddy” system, where one team member stands in for an absent co-worker. We detail that idea in the video. 

Also consider the time you huddle. While mornings are ideal for most teams, others meet to discuss the following day’s treatment over lunch, or even at the end of the day. 

The bottom line? Make time for that huddle, and make sure no one is left out! Those few minutes of daily team communication are the most effective way to keep production on track.

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