Making the case for “case conferences”…

The question from the frustrated dentist was familiar: 

“No one promotes dentistry in my office, except me… How can I change that?”

We often find the root of this problem isn’t unwillingness, it’s simply a lack of understanding. A reasonable follow-up question might be, “Does everyone on your team know what you do, and why you do it?”

Sone of the strongest practices we coach spend time reviewing cases in a group setting.  We call these “case conferences.” Holding your own is as easy as selecting one case, bringing the records, photos and charts, and discussing what you see together

How often is your team having group conversations about your specific procedures? If you aren’t, there’s a good chance you’re missing opportunities to promote dentistry. 

Give the “case conference” a try at your next meeting. See if it doesn’t give a boost to your collective understanding, communication, and culture!

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