One Habit of Winning Dental Teams

Does your team win this way?

You see a piece of trash on the ground. It’s not yours, but you think, “maybe someone should pick that up.”

That very thought changed the life of 12-year-old Nadia Sparkes. 

While riding her bike to school, Nadia started filling her basket with the trash she’d see along the way. Despite earning ridicule from her fellow students, and the nickname “Trash Girl,” Nadia’s  actions have caught the attention of a lot of people. 

Her simple “pick up” efforts have led to appearances at youth events and on talk shows. When it comes to positively influencing the youth of England, “Trash Girl” is really cleaning up! 

Who are your “Pickup” Artists?

How does your team “pick up” each other? Is there an “I’ve got your back” attitude within your practice? We have a great tool form John Cranham of the Dawson Academy that helps influence a positive culture.  Dr. Cranham’s “Five Zone Checklist” concept is a great way to empower team members, make sure the practice stays organized, and the team sticks together.  You can download Dr. Cranham’s checklist below, and tailor it to your practice.

Turns out we can all learn a lot from a 12-year-old!


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