One Trend Hurting Your New Patient Numbers

“Balming” over “Brushing”

Not to pick on one of our own, but upon arriving at a hotel, a young member of the ACT team pulled a bottle of beard oil from his travel kit. We noticed the whisker conditioner received more “at-the-ready” placement by the sink than his toothbrush. 

OK, but young would-be patients still value dentistry, right?

Not by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins! Check out this research finding:  Only 30% of millennials brush their teeth more than once a day. That’s not only gross, it’s alarming.

Research also suggests young adults are apprehensive about seeing the dentist. That’s the bad news.

The good news? One third of them also admit to being apprehensive about opening their mouths, and revealing problems with their dentition. 

What are you doing to Connect?

Every problem presents a great opportunity. We’d like to know how your practice reaches out to young adults, and helps them value the great dentistry you provide.  They are, afterall, the future of your patient base. Leave a comment below…and help the entire dental community win the war over those influential bottles of beard oil!


  • Wow! I’ve never really thought about reaching this specific demographic alone. I guess I need to put my thinking caps on.

    • Hey Alice….great point….no different than you we (as a company) have to always be thinking about how we better connect with the next generation. We don’t have all the answers, but we are always looking for a better way. Hope you are well my friend!

  • Our office uses Social Media to reach the younger generation. Google reviews seem to be a great motivator when they are choosing our office as well.

    We also offer a Zumba class in our parking lot in the Summer months. It is a great community fundraiser, great health event, and great way to meet people. Our team meets people at this event. While outside the office, so they meet us as ‘real’ people, not scary dental people. They also get to know where we are located and can enter our office to get a feel for the place. It is a perfect win-win event for all.

  • Leigh Ann Faight

    Social media is no longer just a fun tool. It’s becoming a primary resource for direct contact to patients. What a great way to connect Kris 🙂

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