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This Plane and Your Practice: One Key to Staying Airborne

When you see an airplane overhead, do you ever wonder, “How does that giant metal tube even stay in the air?!”

Your patients may walk into your practice and wonder the same thing. “How do they handle all these patients? How does the doctor know where to go next? How do they keep track of how much everyone owes?” 

Great questions, right?

So, how are your patient handoffs, and the flow between hygienist, doctor, assistants and the front desk? Are your scheduling strategies as efficient as they could be?  How about collections? Are ALL your critical systems in tip top shape?

There’s only one way to know…and airlines know it  well: You have to land the plane before you can work on it! There is no way to perform maintenance on those critical instruments and systems in flight.

The same goes for your dental practice. The strongest ones know they have to “land” for a while to make sure everything is working correctly, and fine tune the inefficiencies. 

Is your team taking the necessary time to regularly meet and address all the moving parts? It might be tough to imagine shutting down the engines during a busy practice week,  but detailed, organized meetings are a critical part of healthy production.

Make sure you’re taking time to “land your plane,” and review your systems!


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