How healthy is your practice?

Find out how you compare and how to improve. Less than 5 minutes could change the rest of your life, with our personalized assessment of your results.

Why ACT Dental Consulting

We are a full service dental consulting team – we build strategies and systems proven to work.

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Powerful Live Events

Live Workshops for you on your team to improve your Productivity, Marketing, Hygiene, Assisting and Front Desk Systems.

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Thought Leadership

Making sure you have a clear plan before we build the solution that best fits your vision for the future.

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Proven Solutions to Improve Your Dental Practice

Not Enough New Patients?

See how the best dental practices are increasing the number of new patients tomorrow without spending any money at all.

Don't Have a Plan to Improve Your Practice?

See how you can create a simple plan for you and your team and watch 10 numbers to greatly improve your practice this year.

Is Your Team Not Engaged?

See how you can truly engage your team the right way so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.  Your team is your greatest asset.

Are PPOs are Killing You?

Learn how to predictably reduce the influence of PPOs and increase the number of fee-for-service dollars using a proven system.

Making Less But Working (and Producing) More?

See what drives the best dental practices around the world….as a matter of fact it is the same secret Wall Street lives by, but most dentists don’t have a clue about it.

Hygiene Production Suffering and Have More Open Time than Ever?

Greatly improve the performance of your hygiene department the right way.  Increase the the production of perio related services and restorative dentistry.

Doing the right thing, with the right people.


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