ACT U 52 Launch 4 from ACT Dental on Vimeo.

We got a call from an Office Manager a couple weeks ago. She sounded a little frustrated.

When asked what was wrong, she told us she was preparing for the weekly “gripe-session.”
(She actually used a stronger word than “gripe”…but we want to keep it G-rated here!)

From planning and sticking to an agenda, we gave her some ideas to turn that team meeting around.

There is no doubt about it: Productive team meetings are standard operating procedure for the highest performing dental teams we see. We also know they’re a potential time and energy-suck when they get negative.

Are you stuck in this rut? Have your team meetings become repetitive, or perhaps even toxic?
All to often, the solution to bad team meetings is to stop doing them altogether.
Don’t give up!

Stay tuned, this Friday we’ll be releasing ACT U 52. This cutting edge, total practice improvement program is a one-stop solution for boosting every area of your practice. Say goodbye to holes in your schedule, get past those difficult insurance questions. Get a grip on your collections. Add new patients, and get them to accept more dentistry. Learn how to work even more effectively as a team (and much, much more!!!)

Meantime, see if any of the team meeting trouble spots in this video apply to your practice.
Ask yourselves if creating and sticking to an agenda might help. Also, get a glimpse of how ACT U 52 can give a jolt to your team communication.

It’s time to stay positive, and finish the year strong!

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