Want to Increase Predictability? Here’s the Solution!

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We got a call from an Office Manager a couple weeks ago. She sounded a little frustrated.

When asked what was wrong, she told us she was preparing for the weekly “gripe-session.”
(She actually used a stronger word than “gripe”…but we want to keep it G-rated here!)

From planning and sticking to an agenda, we gave her some ideas to turn that team meeting around.

There is no doubt about it: Productive team meetings are standard operating procedure for the highest performing dental teams we see. We also know they’re a potential time and energy-suck when they get negative.

Are you stuck in this rut? Have your team meetings become repetitive, or perhaps even toxic?
All to often, the solution to bad team meetings is to stop doing them altogether.
Don’t give up!

Stay tuned, this Friday we’ll be releasing ACT U 52. This cutting edge, total practice improvement program is a one-stop solution for boosting every area of your practice. Say goodbye to holes in your schedule, get past those difficult insurance questions. Get a grip on your collections. Add new patients, and get them to accept more dentistry. Learn how to work even more effectively as a team (and much, much more!!!)

Meantime, see if any of the team meeting trouble spots in this video apply to your practice.
Ask yourselves if creating and sticking to an agenda might help. Also, get a glimpse of how ACT U 52 can give a jolt to your team communication.

It’s time to stay positive, and finish the year strong!

Have You Earned Your Shower?


There’s a difference between taking a shower and earning one. Try this. Next week when you go back to work and you get up in the morning and you’re getting ready, ask yourself when you’re in the shower and that hot waters running off your back. This is what I do in the shower. I cross my arms like this and fill up the resevoir. (SNORING SOUND) It’s my thinking chamber, right? That’s where I think. And my wife we’ll come up and she’s like “What are you doing?”
I go, “I’m thinking!”

Well when that water’s running off your back, ask yourself this question, “Am I earning this, or did I take it?” Because there is a significant difference. When you get up and go to the gym, and man that hurts right? My pillow talks to me at 5 o’clock in the morning, it says, “Come back to bed. I’ll take care of you… just lay right here.” I have one of those pillows you could suffocate in, right?
It’s all fluffy. It’s hard, but when you go, and you get in that shower, and you’ve earned it, it feels fantastic, right? That is the hardest part of my day between 5 and 7am, right? I can deal with anything. When I don’t get it, I’m miserable. It follows me. My wife runs with her girlfriends on Saturday mornings. And this is true, like that alarm will go off, and I’ll do one of these: I’ll like push her out of bed, right? Because I know if she goes and runs with her girlfriends, and she comes back with her cup of Starbucks, at 9:30 and I got pancake batter all over the kitchen and it’s a mess, I look at the kids and I go, “It’s gonna be a good day!” Right? Because Mama got it. Right? She got it for herself.

And this is the thing: You all have an hour to give to yourself. The greatest single gift you could give anybody in the world is a better you. Write that one down. The greatest gift you could ever give is not a material thing…it’s a better you. When you bring a better you to the people around you, it’s amazing. There’s no greater gift you could give to the people you love…a better you!

Try this. Raise your hands with me. I want you to do this exercise. Say, “I promise. If I am the kind of person who says I can’t find an hour a day to take care of myself, then I am going to make a commitment…to stop lying to myself.” Because that is a lie! You know you have more to give when you take that hour. Find that hour. Find it. It’ll give you more life. So try to earn your shower. There’s a Dentist I work with in North Dakota…she’s awesome. I gave her this and she sent this back to me. Look at this…she puts this on her shower door, and look at it, she’s got like a cool shower. She’s got like shower heads coming out here, and I thought that’s a pretty col shower, right? And she said “you know what? I thought about transitioning. I thought about getting out of Dentistry, but you know what? I look at this every day…I don’t want to quit! Why would I quit? I put all these years in this profession? NOW I feel better…she looks better…her skin looks better…so make sure you’re earning it instead of taking it.

Hey, let’s take this one step farther because I’ve got a great way to get all of these systems in one place for a great price with some goodies added in. At our August ACTivate seminar, I’ll cover it all…You guys made it…From scheduling, to practice finances, to smoothing out insurance and administrative processes, and so much more.

Woman: I think it’s life-changing. On a professional level, it’s life-changing for your office.

Man 1: Everything that they presented were things that could be taken home and implemented immediately.

Man 2: Just the energy level is through the roof.

Kirk: Ah, I love this. I love you. You’re awesome. You’re fantastic. You’re great…We’ve discovered these two days of training are also an amazing team building opportunity. So we offer ACTivate tickets at a rock bottom price for additional team members. And that’s not all. Sign up now and I’ll send you all of my lectures DVDs totally free. Those cost $800 on our website, but they’ll come to you free as my thanks for registering.

Man 2: It really is a no-brainer. It’s just one of the best things you can do.

Kirk: So join us here in our state-of-the-art training facility in Kansas City on August 25th and 26th. Get your team on track and get ready to ACTivate.

Giving Thanks in 2015

Boy, how time flies!

This was one of our first video efforts from 3 years ago (3 years?!?!). When we think of how quickly time passes, we realize how important it is to pause and give thanks for the amazing changes in our lives. Kids have grown up, and our business has expanded. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you who have made that growth possible.

We are going to spend valuable time with our families this Thanksgiving, and it’s my hope you have a wonderful holiday with yours as well.

From the entire ACT family, Happy Thanksgiving!

How’s Your Team Culture?

What does a photo of toilet paper have to do with team culture?

Well if you’ve got a good team around you, a photo like that can say a lot. I wanted to try to illustrate our culture using photographs of ACT’s people with their families.

When I asked everyone for individual photos, what I received in return was “the big picture”…and it was a riot!

I hope you have moments like these with your team!

What Signs Will You See?

The words were scrawled lightly on the edge of the street.

One of our team members barely noticed them as she jogged by after a tough day.

But the simple phrase (in the video above) changed her mood completely. Oddly enough, a misspelling in the message indicated it was created by a child. A very subtle, almost unnoticeable bit of encouragement written by the most unlikely of people.

That moment got us thinking, how many positive signs do we miss every day when we are most focused on the negatives?

This week focus on looking for the good around you and in others, even when you’re feeling it the least!

Which Way Are You Paddling?

At ACT Dental, we are all about the principles of a high performing team. So we thought “Hey! This little boating adventure is the perfect video!”

Is there one person paddling against your progress? Maybe it’s time they get a little wet!
This week, take a look at the culture of your team. Are you all paddling together?

There are 3 conditions to team dynamics, which likely resemble the way your team would row a boat.

ENGAGED — The entire team is rowing together toward a common goal. Everyone is in sync and your progress feels good!
NOT ENGAGED — The feeling that someone doesn’t have their oar completely in the water. This is where the whole team might feel they’re having to pick up the slack for a lack of production.
ACTIVELY DISENGAGED –The sense that someone is actually paddling against the progress. This can lead to a lack of production, and a general feeling of energy being sucked from the team effort.
Are there areas where your team isn’t as cohesive as it could be? Enjoy the holiday, and ask yourself where you think your team effort and direction could use a little adjustment.

And if you are actually out paddling around…hopefully you’re a little more seaworthy than the ACT team!!!

Bon Voyage!

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