The Confidence Quiz

Crate & Barrel is a great example of confidence at work. It doesn’t matter what you’re buying. By the time you reach checkout, you will have chosen the best set of napkin rings ever created… At least according to the sales person. They’ll often say, “I have those same ones at home. They are so simple, yet elegant!”
You, in turn, will feel those napkin rings are the wisest purchase you’ve ever made.

Trader Joe’s employees are the same way at checkout.
“I love those frozen chicken strips! What are you going to do with them!? I put sauce and mozzarella on them, and bam! The world’s greatest Chicken Parmesan ever!”

These people absolutely ooze confidence in the products they are selling. They make it a point to validate your choice, illustrating a very important reality: Nothing is as contagious as confidence, except maybe, lack of confidence!

What kind of messages are you sending? When people look at you, how much confidence do they see?

Take our little confidence quiz. Make sure you are convincing others of your amazing dental expertise!

Why your team members don’t “get you,” like you think they do.

I know that Johnny (our video guy and my close buddy) has a favorite food: Pizza.
That is, until he told me it’s actually cheeseburgers.

(I swear he once told me it’s pizza…)

You see it turns out we understand (or perhaps misunderstand) questions and comments by our close friends and team members at the same rate as total strangers. Yup, it’s true! Kenneth Savitsky of Williams College in Massachusetts actually did a study about it. He even coined a term for it: “The Closeness-Communication Bias.”

In Johnny’s case, I assumed I “get him” …same as he “gets” me. In this video we’ll illustrate just how wrong I was about that. While the video is light-hearted, the topic is important and a good lesson about your interactions with your team. Making assumptions about close acquaintances…just because you know them…may actually be degrading your communication. So ask follow up questions, listen intently and remember there is a communication bias at play.

(Oh, and if you ever take Johnny to lunch…make it a burger joint!)

Dr. Nickname, DDS

You are the greatest dental practice in town, and you know it!

The problem?

In a world full of fantastic dentists, your skill and expertise might not be enough.

No one knows this better than Dr. Michael LeBlanc of Shawnee, Kansas. That’s why his team takes it to another level.

Always conscious of total customer service, they give their patients their all…and often it’s delivered with a funny nickname.

Are you thinking like the LeBlanc team every time you hit the floor?

Remember, every bit of contact you have with your patients contributes to a lasting impression.

Hey, you’re the best in town. Make sure everyone knows it!

Can You Do This in 20 Seconds?


The elevator door opens and your ideal patient walks in. You strike up a conversation and BOOM!

They ask THE question:


You freeze. The words just aren’t there!

“Well uhh…”


The doors open and your time is up!

You just missed the PERFECT opportunity to express your mission, explain the value of your dental practice and ultimately gain a patient.

So you need plan ahead and come up with your own “Elevator Speech.”

We call it an Elevator Speech because it’s got to be short and to the point. Usually less than 30 SECONDS!

An Elevator Speech needs to BE 3 things:




When the person your talking to walks out of the elevator you want to give them a reason to want to take action!

So plan ahead and start preparing your Elevator Speech. You never know who’s waiting on the other side of the door.

Key takeaways:

Prepare a 15-30 second speech highlighting the unique aspects of your company. Express your mission and explain your value. Be Clear. Use Power Words. Engage your listeners and invite them to take action!

What Makes a Master?

If you’re ever in Kansas City and you get tired of barbecue, there’s a FANTASTIC hole in the wall Mexican place you have to try.

It’s called Dos De Oros, and owner Miguel Cervantez is what you might call a “master.” Aside from his expertise in preparation, ingredients and authenticity, there’s one more part of Miguel’s culinary know-how that makes him a master of Mexican cuisine. It’s his insistence that he is NOT, in fact, a master. Get to know him and you’ll see (and taste!) that Miguel’s skill comes from his unending dedication to being a student.

His carnitas are probably the best in town, but that didn’t stop Miguel from traveling to Mexico to learn how to make them just a little better.

So maintain your curiosity, and never stop learning. With that dedication, you’ll find others will recognize you as a master.
If you need an example, I highly recommend Miguel…and his carnitas!!!

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