Is the Stress of Dentistry Affecting Your “Why?”


Open a closet or storage cabinet in the Behrendt home, and an old photo album is bound to fall out. We have taken a zillion photos over the years! Though the world has gone totally digital, and nowadays our pictures are stored neatly in a “cloud”…I love opening an old photo album every now and then. The hundreds of crazy, funny family pictures crammed into the torn and fading pages remind me why I do what I do.

I call this my “why” time. What do your photos reveal? When you look back through old pictures, have you spend enough time on your “why?”

Understandably your practice is a busy place, and we all want a full schedule. With that in mind, I encourage you to give thought to how much “why” time your team generally enjoys, as compared to the amount of hours spent earning it. Is your balance off?

In this video, see why it’s so important to strike a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives. You’ll also see a scheduling strategy to help you create more “why” time, and solve one problem that might be keeping you late!

We Are Growing!

We Are Growing!

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Marketing, Hygiene, Dental Assisting and Admin.

Chicago is a direct flight destination, which means you wake up in your own bed on Thursday; get to Chicago around one and make it to our training center in time to grab a coffee and dive into some awesome learning.

Our courses are designated to fit your schedule and get you home to your families and your life. We see Chicago as the perfect equation of – less time away from your practice and more time with your family.

Chicago offers the flexibility of two airports nearby. And let’s face it, Chicago is simply awesome! (I’m talkin’ navy pier, pizzas, hotdogs, should I go on?)

Stay posted – we will be releasing our 1st quarter event dates soon!

Have You Earned Your Shower?


There’s a difference between taking a shower and earning one. Try this. Next week when you go back to work and you get up in the morning and you’re getting ready, ask yourself when you’re in the shower and that hot waters running off your back. This is what I do in the shower. I cross my arms like this and fill up the resevoir. (SNORING SOUND) It’s my thinking chamber, right? That’s where I think. And my wife we’ll come up and she’s like “What are you doing?”
I go, “I’m thinking!”

Well when that water’s running off your back, ask yourself this question, “Am I earning this, or did I take it?” Because there is a significant difference. When you get up and go to the gym, and man that hurts right? My pillow talks to me at 5 o’clock in the morning, it says, “Come back to bed. I’ll take care of you… just lay right here.” I have one of those pillows you could suffocate in, right?
It’s all fluffy. It’s hard, but when you go, and you get in that shower, and you’ve earned it, it feels fantastic, right? That is the hardest part of my day between 5 and 7am, right? I can deal with anything. When I don’t get it, I’m miserable. It follows me. My wife runs with her girlfriends on Saturday mornings. And this is true, like that alarm will go off, and I’ll do one of these: I’ll like push her out of bed, right? Because I know if she goes and runs with her girlfriends, and she comes back with her cup of Starbucks, at 9:30 and I got pancake batter all over the kitchen and it’s a mess, I look at the kids and I go, “It’s gonna be a good day!” Right? Because Mama got it. Right? She got it for herself.

And this is the thing: You all have an hour to give to yourself. The greatest single gift you could give anybody in the world is a better you. Write that one down. The greatest gift you could ever give is not a material thing…it’s a better you. When you bring a better you to the people around you, it’s amazing. There’s no greater gift you could give to the people you love…a better you!

Try this. Raise your hands with me. I want you to do this exercise. Say, “I promise. If I am the kind of person who says I can’t find an hour a day to take care of myself, then I am going to make a commitment…to stop lying to myself.” Because that is a lie! You know you have more to give when you take that hour. Find that hour. Find it. It’ll give you more life. So try to earn your shower. There’s a Dentist I work with in North Dakota…she’s awesome. I gave her this and she sent this back to me. Look at this…she puts this on her shower door, and look at it, she’s got like a cool shower. She’s got like shower heads coming out here, and I thought that’s a pretty col shower, right? And she said “you know what? I thought about transitioning. I thought about getting out of Dentistry, but you know what? I look at this every day…I don’t want to quit! Why would I quit? I put all these years in this profession? NOW I feel better…she looks better…her skin looks better…so make sure you’re earning it instead of taking it.

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Score Big with Systems

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Kirk: Hey, Kirk here and I’m in a bowling alley. You might be wondering why, but there’s some really amazing stuff going on here. There’s 32 lanes in this bowling alley and can you imagine setting up all these pins?

Announcer: Well, think about doing this night and day for dozens of bowlers at once.

Kirk: I can’t.

Announcer: That’s exactly what the famous AMF Automatic Pin Spotter does quickly and accurately.

Kirk: It was unbelievable. The systems set up the pins by themselves.

Announcer: Have you noticed how fast the ball is returned to him and he’s ready to bowl again?

Kirk: This little film is funny because people were amazed that the ball would get sent back on its own and the pins would be set up automatically. Now we take it for granted because it’s a system that happens all the time. And it allows businesses to become productive, profitable, and very predictable, which is ultimately what dentists need more than anything, high levels of predictability. And the only way to do that is through systems design. You know what’s right across the street from this bowling alley? A Chipotle.

Worker: You guys hungry?

Kirk: Nationally Chipotle does 97,000 pounds of avocados per day. You know how many employees ever come to work here and say, “How are we going to make the guacamole today?” Zero. You know why? Because the system drives the business. No matter who does it, it’s done the same way every time. So after I finish my lunch, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to walk a few steps over there to one of my favorite Starbucks and grab a post-lunch drink.

You know what I love about this great company? Eighty-seven thousand different possible combinations to how one of these drinks is made. It’s called predictability. Now you might ask yourself, what’s the secret? Well, the secret isn’t so secret. It’s on the back of the cup. It’s called the system. The system creates high levels of predictability. So whatever you do, find the system so that you can ultimately create higher levels of predictability. Whether it be this cup of coffee, that guacamole, your dental practice, or this bowling alley, the system runs the business.

Kirk’s “Fishy” Idea


When I study the most successful people in dentistry, they all seem to have one strategy in common. They find out what works best, and repeat the process over and over again. Take for example, my good friend Dr. John Cranham. He developed a series of checklists for his office, so every night they set things up to be as predictable possible the next day. The system worked the exact same way day after day.

At lunch time, this repeat discipline concept can be really hard for me because I LOVE FOOD. At our last office location, we had a fantastic restaurant below our office. There were amazing options on the menu: Tasty burgers, deliciously greasy pizza, etc. I consciously made a decision several years ago to order something healthy every time I ate there…which was pretty much every day (The team here at ACT threatened to petition the restaurant to retitle my favorite, “Kirk’s Salmon Salad”). The world is full of choices, but in order to stay healthy I have to put systems in place that will move me forward. If I were really good, I would do what our CFO Barb does- she brings her salad from home.   Maybe I’ll try that next week.

For this week, commit to a little self-improvement by putting a repeat discipline in place. Whether it’s something you do at your practice, or simply what you pick for lunch, repeat an action that helps move YOU forward. As Ron Popeil says, “Set it and forget it.” Make life a little easier, and maybe healthier, on yourself!

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Who Got More Done This Morning?

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.17.15 AM




Remember the old Army commercial that said, “We do more before 9am than most people do all day?”

As a hard working Dental professional, you might not feel like the “most people” they were talking about.

Neither do we! Some of us here at ACT were talking about how long it takes to get to work, from the moment we wake up. If only we had more time! Pinch all the pennies you can…at the end of the day they’ll still be there.

Time, however, is a “use it or lose it” proposition. So with the new year upon us, I want you to make the best of it.
Think of something you wasted time on today, and cut it out of your routine tomorrow.
Start pinching those minutes, so you can pay yourself a little “time bonus” every day!

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