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Are you experiencing any of these issues in your office?

  • Confusing appointment schedules and declining production
  • Constant miscommunication between the front and the back office
  • Losing patients through poor customer service
  • Low reimbursements due to inaccurate billing
  • Inefficient systems and messy entry of patient data
  • Stale, unmotivated, and unproductive team meetings
  • Burnt out employees and low morale

Hundreds of dental practices tap into our proven solutions built on 20+ years of experience coaching elite dentists across the country. The ACT U platform contains vast resources to help you rectify every issue in your daily operations from scheduling and billing to recare and insurance strategies. 

ACT U makes your practice run like a well-oiled machine

Most dental practices experience similar issues at one time or another.

ACT U provides your team with deep training and motivation to work in harmony towards the common goal of providing a great dental experience. Afterall, as we teach our clients, satisfied patients are your number one source of recurring production and high-quality referrals.

Our engaging team training programs are designed with all of your team members in mind. Each module covers information that can be used by assistants, hygienists, and front office employees as well.

You and your patients will notice immediate improvements. Set up a quick call with one of our ACT U specialists and we’ll have you up and running in minutes!



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Dozens of proven, profit-boosting solutions at your fingertips

  • ACT U 52 combines the power of video, engaging team exercises and real-life examples from thriving practices. Each unit is perfectly sized to fit into your meetings, where your team can watch, understand and easily implement the system. 

The keys to full, organized schedule

  • Say goodbye to holes in the schedule with better scheduling. See block scheduling strategies that work. Load your day with your best patients, minimize cancellations, and keep your entire team on time.

The best phone strategies: Turn first-time callers into new patients!

  • No more stumbling through that new patient phone call! Get past the deal-killing insurance questions, and know exactly what to say to get that caller appointed. Also, are you making the right outgoing calls? Get clear on how to keep your existing patients from falling out of the schedule.

Financial solutions for a healthy practice

  • Are your fees in line with what you should be charging? How much is your accounts receivable really costing you? See specific financial arrangement ideas. Know the right language to use with past-due patients and detailed examples of how to get them to pay.

Cut team conflict: Improve culture and communication

  • Ease those difficult conversations about performance and compensation. Get everyone onboard with what you charge and why you charge it. Engage in fun team exercises to help you all sell more dentistry. Receive our entire 10-step hiring process so your next hire is the perfect hire.

"ACT U induces great discussion; it is seriously great for team meetings!”

Donna, Office Manager

McLean DDS, McLean, VA

"This is the first time I saw Kirk's presentation at the DC Annual Dental Meeting, and I was amazed! One of my coworkers went to one of his classes a couple of years ago, and she was very excited to go to this one. Kirk is so energetic and funny and held our attention throughout the whole presentation; I didn't even notice the time go by. I had such a great time and can't wait to put into practice everything I learned.

Paula Martinez

Commack Family Dental

What will we cover in ACT U 52?



  • + 1.1 Vision
  • + 1.2 Total Practice Image Exercise
  • + 1.3 Team Meeting Strategies
  • + 1.4 Morning Action Slip: The Key to an Effective Huddle
  • + 1.5 Huddle Up! Putting the Morning Action Slip in Play



  • + 2.1 Know Your Number: 7 Areas of Financial Health
  • + 2.2 Fee Balancing
  • + 2.3 Creating a Clear Financial Policy
  • + 2.4 Financial Arrangement Form
  • + 2.5 Accounts Receivable: Dealing with Outstanding Balances
  • + 2.6 Staying Compliant: Unclaimed Patient Credits



  • + 3.1 Build an Effective Practice Checklist
  • + 3.2 P.I.T. Stop Strategy for Communicating Treatment and Cost
  • + 3.3 Improving Hygiene Profitability
  • + 3.4 The Perio Letter
  • +3.5 Dealing with Chronically Late Patients



  • + 4.1 Room and Tray Setup (Hygiene, Perio, Restorative)
  • + 4.2 The 1-Hour Hygiene Exam
  • + 4.3 Rapport 2nd: A Method of Streamlining Hygiene
  • + 4.4 Tips for Staying on Time
  • + 4.5 Improved Lab Tracking
  • + 4.6 Emergency Information Form



  • + 5.1 Kirk’s 7 Phone Tips
  • + 5.2 New Patient Telephone Slip
  • + 5.3 Say This, Not That!
  • + 5.4 8 Outgoing Calls You Must be Making
  • + 5.5 7 Ways to Handle Angry Patients and Reverse Bad Reviews



  • + 6.1 A,B,C: The Patient Identification System
  • + 6.2 Admin & Hygiene: Cancellation Killers!
  • + 6.3 Block Scheduling Strategies
  • + 6.4 The Phantom Column



  • + 7.1 The Walk of Amnesia: 6 Steps to Case Acceptance
  • + 7.2 Open-Ended Question Strategies
  • + 7.3 Case Planning Form
  • + 7.4 Financial Team Exercise
  • + 7.5 Diffusing Skepticism During Case Presentation
  • + 7.6 Case Acceptance: Treatment Follow-up
  • + 7.7 Soft Dollar Giveaways
  • + 7.8 Levin and Derse Treatment Planning Brochure



  • + 8.1 6 Steps to Improved PPO Negotiations
  • + 8.2 Improved Insurance Tracking
  • + 8.3 Insurance Utilization Report



  • + 9.1 “Can I Have a Raise?”
  • + 9.2 3-Minute Team Presentations
  • + 9.3 10 Steps to Hiring Part I
  • + 9.4 10 Steps to Hiring Part II
  • + 9.5 Pick a Card! (Reviewing Fees as a Team)
  • + 9.6 Better Performance Reviews that Benefit Everyone



  • + 10.1 Practice Branding Team Exercise
  • + 10.2 Double Your New Patient Numbers
  • + 10.3 Patient of the Day
  • + 10.4 Thank Yous that Bring Returns

“The information in ACT U 52 has been excellent. Everything I've gotten through so far is really going to help us with adding some structure to our team meetings, and you know, anytime you can get little pearls of wisdom that help you do things more efficiently, it always helps! ”

Brian Sutton, DDS, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Kansas City, MO

“Hands down the best dental coaching team and seminar on the planet. Absolutely hilarious, entertaining, and engaging with practical application of action items to begin implementing on Monday morning. My team and I are fired up and looking forward to more ACT dental coaching events :)”

Hal Rider, DDS

Rider Dental, New Iberia, LA

“The morning huddle [section] has helped us more that I could ever express!”

Jane Knight, DDS

Here's what you get when you sign up for ACT U Basics

10 Learning Modules

Kirk Behrendt is your host for all these fun and informative videos that are short enough to be watched and reviewed in team meetings.

Perfect Online Training for Team Meetings

Make ACT U the source of solutions and new ideas at team meetings.

Proven Systems & Checklists

Get actual written systems, checklists, and examples from thriving practices.

“Truly excellent, so many things that I constantly preach, nice for my staff to hear it from you as well! I really enjoyed your presentation today and plan to utilize your company in the future. We have already scheduled an office meeting to implement many of your ideas. Thank you.”

John Covert, DDS

PA & Associates, San Antonio, Texas

“Yesterday was the first time attending your program. I attended the AM/PM classes. It was wonderful, and I walked away feeling fulfilled with an increased vigor in my profession. I have practiced Dental Hygiene for 43 yrs. I have worked in general, perio, special needs group homes and as a dental consultant for Arestin. I love working with my colleagues and bringing the best dental care to our patients at Springfield Lorton Dental. Our office really enjoyed your program. Thank you."

Mary Kay Cassidy, RDH, BS

Springfield Lorton Dental, Springfield, VA

“I absolutely LOVE this program…It has helped us brainstorm ideas to improve our practice. Especially with efficiency! A fine oiled machine still needs maintenance and upgrades!”

Timothy Davis, DDS

Cozad, Nebraska

Frequently asked questions about ACT U

Is ACT U 52 something the dentist should do individually, or should the team be involved in all discussions?

We’ve generally designed the modules to be viewed as a team. The doctor may choose to pre-screen units that relate specifically to practice finances, compensation or performance reviews. We believe discussions of overall vision, fee balancing, and financial arrangements are best discussed as a team, as everyone will contribute to the overall success of these systems.

How long are the videos? How long will it take to finish and implement each unit?

We designed the ACT U videos to boost your team meetings, not stifle them! That’s why each video ranges in length from three to 10 minutes. The team exercises may take as long as 45 minutes. We also realize larger systems (such as a more effective morning huddle) may be strategies you improve over several months. That’s why ACT U also contains short, simple team exercises in areas such as case acceptance.

What if we get stuck, or find we need help (or motivation!) to get through the program?

The ACT U 52 Advanced program has you covered. Get all the benefits of our self-guided program, with your own coach to keep you moving forward. For more details, call us at (800) 851-8186 or click the button below to set up a short call.