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The 39 Critical Systems for a High-Producing Practice

From cash-flow issues, to scheduling, treatment planning and periodontal protocols, this comprehensive list includes all areas of your practice that should be systematized. Download it and see how many of these items you already have in place, and what organizational opportunities still exist. At ACT, we find our most productive clients and greatest success stories have taken control of these areas of their practices!

Our Approach

Time is a most precious commodity. While ACT’s systems can help you make (and save!) more money, take control of your practice and boost your production, what’s it all worth if you don’t have time for anything else?  Are you working long days and weeks, but still shutting out the lights every night with worry and anxiety? Let’s help you put an end to it. Our accountability-based coaching program can be tailored to your specific goals and challenges.

Build a Foundation

Develop the policies & systems of a thriving practice


Know your numbers.  KPI’s to set you up for success.



Set goals & foster a culture of responsibility

Team Dynamics

Develop the components of a  high performing team

Client Success Stories

Dr. Rhonda Steigerwald
McMillen Dental

Dr. Brett Levin & Dr. Jennifer Derse
Levin Family Dental

Dr. Scott Andler
Andler Dental

“Better days are definitely ahead…and ACT Dental, in a relatively short period of time, has set me on that path.”

Dr. Damon Thompson

Real Life Dental Care

“ACT is a life changing experience.  And we are seeing the change; the magic is happening.”

Dr. Brian Smith

Palmetto Dental Arts

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